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Yesteryear Village

Yesteryear Village Yesteryear Village is located on 10 acres of the South Florida Fairgrounds. The village offers a glimpse into Florida's pioneer history. On display are a variety of original and reproduced buildings dating from the mid-1800's to the mid-1900's. You'll find
a farmhouse, a blacksmith's workshop, a general store, a school, and a classic "shotgun" house. The village also houses a great collection of old fire engines, and another of old tractors and farm equipment. Guided tours are offered of the buildings, each of which is furnished in period style.

During the South Florida Fair, Yesteryear Village is open during fair hours and there is no additional charge. We spend hours wandering around the village during the fair, all of the buildings are open and you can freely stroll through them. Villagers dressed in period garb are all around the village, cooking stuff, doing metalwork at the blacksmith shop, repairing shoes using this crazy gigantic machine, making ice cream, and manning every building to answer questions and tell stories. From the pictures I've seen for the 2010 South Florida Fair, the Village has added a replica 60's-era gas station, as fans of historic commercial design we can't wait to see that! As you can hopefully tell, Yesteryear Village alone is worth the price of fair admission.


9067 Southern Blvd
West Palm Beach FL 33411
10 acres

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