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Windy Point Park

[if-sql-param576 image] Windy Point Park [/if-sql-param575] Windy Point Park sits on the south side of Lake Istokpoga, a very popular fishing lake in the area. It appears that the main draw here is the boat ramp.

The boat ramp has two lane with a central dock. Trailer parking outnumbers car parking, which about 80 trailer spaces. Windy Point Park hosts fishing events throughout the year.

This is a pretty park, and we strolled the nature trail around a small lake, where a man and his children were fishing from the deck. The trail is not long, and it's an easy, flat paved path. Restrooms are provided, as are several picnic shelters.
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[if-sql-param572 address1] 65 Windy Point Rd
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[/if-sql-param570] Lake Placid FL
[if-sql-param570 phone] 863-202-0729
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